Link Building and its Relation with SEO


Link building has always been a subject of importance for every business website, but the need for high-quality links has increased. High quality and meaningful campaigns are essential if you want to grow your business. Brandix soft contributes to the purpose by providing high quality and suitable links for your website. The sole purpose of link building is to improve search engine visibility to link to SEO directly. Link building is an essential factor to consider for increasing traffic on your website. Building links requires excellent communication, persistence, social skills, and creativity; basically, the blend of sales, marketing, and psychology. If the links attached to your website are of high quality, you will gain more search engine ranking.

Why links matters to websites and bloggers

Links on the websites play an essential role in the connection of content, control movement, and influence

  • Links work as a core component for the whole internet and your website.
  • It plays a vital role in increasing ranks on search engines
  • It is an excellent source of finding needed and good content
  • Search engines also use links for content displaying
  • It helps in developing a mutual understanding between your content and search engines to understand the requirements
  • It is a source of transferring SEO power and trust

Relation of Links with Search Engines

Search engines use links in two ways

  1. For finding new web pages
  2. To give the rank to the page based on content

Once your work is crawled on search engines, then it decides whether the work is worth putting on high ranks or not. While examining the search engines does not just look at the page’s content, links attached to that page also matter. It seems for the high-quality external links to rank your page. Let’s make it more simple. The more high-quality websites attached to your content, the more ranking you get. All it started in the late 1990s and is now a never-ending process. It’s better to connect useful links to form a successful website.

Role of link building in business

As we have discussed how links are connected to search engines and how it can give your website success, the point is how link building is related and beneficial for business.

  • Building Relationships

It helps in finding and reaching other websites and blogs of the industry. This makes your connections, and your work is introduced to new people every time you build a link. It can help in building relations with essential influencers that can affect and grow your business. It can gain your client’s or readers’ trust and give you a kind of authentication certification.

  • Sending Referral Traffic

Along with the ranking, it plays a vital role in referral traffic. An excellent high-quality link from a known website helps in increasing traffic. If your website is linked with the relevant webpage, it will increase the relevant traffic, which automatically leads to high sales and promotions. A great example of this in action was this guest post written by Michael Ellsberg on Tim Ferriss’ blog.

  • Brand Building

Link building can help you in promoting your brand and make a good reputation for your product. It is just like having good feedback on your work from your client. Attachment of links from well-known websites gives you a chance to promote your brand to a broad audience and help them trust you or invest in your offers.

Types of Links

There are many different types of links, and some are as follow

  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Natural links
  • Manually obtained links
  • Self-created links

Internal links or inbound can lead you to a different page of the same domain. The backlink is an example of inbound links, whereas by clicking the external link, you find a separate page of other disciplines. These links are also called outbound links. Natural links are received from other websites without asking, and manually obtained links are attached to your content after many efforts. Self-created links do not have any concern with SEO as the website owners themselves make them.

How Long it takes for improving a site’s ranking with link building

It can take time to get the wanted results by link building. It depends upon the following factors.

  • The competition in the industry as a whole
  • The competitiveness of target words
  • The competitor’s activity. If they are actively building links, then you have to do better than them
  • Types of links
  • The strength of your domain or webpage

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